Subscription Access

Your SAE MOBILUS administrator can provide detailed answers to questions regarding your subscription(s) access.  For a quick list of the content that is available, use the Collections facet from the filters available on the Search page. The Collections facet will display a list of the full-text collections available in your subscription(s) and their relationship to the parent content type. These filters can be used to quickly drill down into your full text documents.
To use the Collections filter to identify your subscription(s) content:
  1. From the “SEARCH” page, locate the filters on the left-hand side. Use the “+ next to the Collections filter to expand the filter to view all available content in your subscription(s).   Use the “ to minimize the filter.
  2. Use the available “MY ACCESS” filter under “SHOW ONLY” to update the search results to only display content that is included in your subscription.   Content that is not part of your subscription is easy to identify because of the lock icon that will appear with the content in the search results.