My Preferences: Alerts and Notifications

We know that knowing when a standard is revised or additional content is added to the SAE MOBILUS technical resource platform is important to you. You need the latest revision to make changes to a project, or have awareness of new publications to make informed decisions. That is why in May 2018, Alerts and Notifications were introduced to SAE MOBILUS standards and saved searches.

Publication Notification: Standards

Alerts are currently available for standards in the SAE MOBILUS platform. By setting an alert for a standard, you will receive a notification when a revision for the standard is available. This functionality replaces the previous Doc Watch functionality.

Saved Search Notifications

Saved search alerts will notify you when additional content is added to the SAE MOBILUS platform that matches the key term and all criteria of the saved search.  A Saved Search Alert Card frequency are
  •  Daily: Sent at the end of the day if a change to the publication has occurred
  •  Weekly: Sent on Sunday for publications that had a change the week prior
  •  Monthly: Sent at the end of the month for publications that had a change within the current month

Managing Alerts and Notifications

When logged into the Dashboard, the ability to manage your Alerts and Notifications is available under My Preferences. Look for a bell icon throughout the platform as an indicator that you can set an alert

Notification Inbox

You will receive a notification for an alert through the SAE MOBILUS Dashboard and via email.  The platform indicator will appear in both the Dashboard tab, and another indicator will appear in the Dashboard preferences, as shown above.

The frequency that you receive the notifications will be based on the frequency that you select when setting an alert.  You can change the frequency at any time.
The Notification Inbox will organize your Notification Cards by “This Week”, “Last Two Weeks” and “Older”.   Basic sorting and filters are available, and will be expanded upon as additional Alert functionality is added to the platform.  A Notification Card will remain until you delete it from the Inbox.
At the top right of the Notification Inbox, is the “Manage Alerts” option.   The ability to turn alerts on and off, change the frequency and delete alerts is available through the manager.

Manage Alerts

“Manage Alerts” allows you the opportunity to delete alerts, turn alerts on and off, and adjust the notification frequency. The top half of the page, (1) Alert Categories, depicts an Alert Card for each alert option that is currently available in the SAE MOBILUS platform.  Selecting a card for each alert category causes the (2) Alert Cards that you have set to appear in the bottom portion of the page.

From the Alert Cards, you are able to adjust the frequency, turn an alert on or off, and even delete an alert.  There is no limitation to the number of alerts that you can set.

How to Set Alerts

There are various locations thorught the SAE MOBILUS platform that allow you the opportunity to set an Alert and Notification for a Standard.
1. Favoriting a Standard: When favoriting a standard, an option to set an alert will be available. The frequency of the alert can be set, and any changes made in the Alert manager as described above. An icon will appear in the search results and on the Summary and details of the Standard as a visual indicator that an alert is set. 
2. Favorite Folders: If you do not set an Alert when you save a standard as a “Favorite”, you will have an opportunity from your “Favorite Folders”.Any standard located in a Favorite Folder will have a gray bell next to it to indicate an alert is possible. Selecting the bell, opens an alert card that will allow you to set the frequency. An icon will appear in the search results and on the Summary and details of the Standard as a visual indicator that an alert is set.