He was born in Turkey, spent time in the U.S. as a young adolescent, graduated high school in Europe, returned to the U.S. for college, learned to speak multiple languages, married a Greek, and traveled the world.
“As my name implies, I'm a bit of a curiosity,” allowed incoming SAE International President Cuneyt Oge (pronounced June-eight Oh-gay). The veteran management consultant, who officially took over as SAE President in January, puts no negative spin on that self-appraisal. Quite the contrary, as he goes on to say: “I think I qualify as a bona fide citizen of the world.”
That attribute should prove beneficial in raising SAE's global profile and making its products and services more relevant in a flattening and fast-changing world.
“I've worked all around the world,” Oge said. “I learned that to be effective in this global world of ours, you have to learn how to be global personally.”
That means, among other things, speaking multiple languages and learning to have empathy for the unique situations in which different countries and peoples find themselves. “And you can only learn that by being on the ground and using all your senses in different situations,” he asserted. “I've had the privilege of working, literally, in most of the developed countries of the world in some capacity or the other - working with engineers, with business people and having friends and relationships around the world. To me, that's all natural. That's the way I grew up, that's the way I've made my life.”
Oge retired as Partner in PWC's PRTM Management Consultants in 2013 and spent his career serving the automotive and aerospace industries in charting new strategies and improving operations. He has held numerous consulting jobs throughout his career, which began with an engineering position at Olin Chemicals Corp. in 1977 and he currently serves on the Board of Directors of Delta Wing Technologies Inc. Oge has a BS in industrial management and an MS in industrial engineering and operations research-both of those degrees from the University of Massachusetts. He also did postgraduate work at the Stanford Business School.
Cuneyt L. Oge, 2016 SAE International President
Cuneyt L. Oge, 2016 SAE International President
A 21-year member of SAE, Oge has served on the SAE International Board of Directors and on the SAE Foundation Board of Trustees. He first got involved in SAE by helping to develop conferences and along the way met SAE leaders who would become his mentors, among them past SAE Presidents John Leinonen (1995), Don Ableson (1999), and Dan Hancock (2014). “Being asked to serve as SAE President is truly an honor, and I'm delighted to be here.”
During an orientation day for new 2016 SAE Officers at the Society's Pittsburgh headquarters on Dec. 9, Oge provided an overview of his goals as the new SAE President. Some highlights of his remarks:
“Each President tries to put things in motion in hopes that they will outlast them and actually take root. My focus is going to be in three areas.
“Number one is what I call the changing worlds of aero-mobility and auto-mobility-think of it as auto-mobility 2050 and aero-mobility 2050. The world of auto-mobility is fundamentally going through a revolution. The powertrains that power our vehicles are changing. We have over 76 alternative-powertrain models in the U.S. market today. Never been seen before.
“The second area that I think we need to focus on,” he continued, “is our global network. SAE International has a global network, but that network has to continue to grow and get stronger. The Brazilian engineer sitting in Brazil should be networked and talking seamlessly with the engineer in the U.S. or the engineer in India or the engineer in China. That's how engineers like to work, how they need to work. And I'm not talking about tools for collaboration. Those already exist. I'm talking about informal networks: the knowledge networks that SAE can help feed with its extraordinary depth of knowledge in specific technical areas, its intellectual property, and its historical files and libraries that contain invaluable information.
“Third, as we continued to globalize, we have to think in terms of what I call altruistic capitalism. As we go out to the world, I think we have to never lose sight of the fact that SAE is there to provide a value, a service, to society, as well as its members. But at the same time, we should do it in a way where it can generate revenues to cover at least the expenses of the value created. Because SAE, at the end of the day, is a business. Yes, it is a nonprofit. Yes, it is a business for creating value. But it has to have a business mind-set as it approaches the world.”

Ohio State's Bailo begins term as SAE Automotive VP

Carla Bailo, Assistant Vice President for Mobility Research and Business Development at The Ohio State University, began Jan. 22 as 2016-18 SAE International Vice President-Automotive.
As SAE Vice President-Automotive, Bailo will be responsible for providing leadership and continuity for SAE's automotive initiative and for integrating the needs of the automotive industry in SAE International's standards, events, and educational programs. She succeeds Jeff Hemphill, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer at the Schaeffler Group in North America, who served from 2013-15.
Bailo joined OSU in March 2015 to help the university accelerate sustainable mobility and transportation innovation, while integrating related research and education across the university's academic units. She also is charged with increasing and expanding Ohio State's corporate, foundation, state, and federal partnerships.
Previously, Bailo served as Senior Vice President of Research and Development for Nissan North America Inc., where she was responsible for vehicle engineering and development operations in Michigan, Arizona, Mexico, and Brazil, managing a $500-million budget and 2,500 employees.
A 15-year member of SAE International, Bailo led the SAE 2013 World Congress, which was hosted by Nissan; presented the Nissan Altima at the SAE 2013 World Congress; presented the Nissan Frontier, Pathfinder, and Xterra at the SAE 2005 World Congress; and has participated in several young professional panels.
“I've always found SAE to be a great organization, especially the young professional side where we're driving STEM with our children,” Bailo said. “What a great a balance to be from academia and also in this role. It's a great way to get SAE into the campus life. A lot of students get memberships, but I'm not so sure what they do with them, even though there're plenty of opportunities to get involved. It's a great opportunity to be able to bridge that and also as the Automotive VP be able to work with both industry and academia, where I've been in both roles and try to make SAE more relevant to both sides of the equation.”
Carla Bailo, Assistant Vice President for Mobility Research and Business Development at The Ohio State University
Carla Bailo, Assistant Vice President for Mobility Research and Business Development at The Ohio State University
For a video profile of Bailo, visit http://video.sae.org/12101.