Cybersecurity: An Introduction for the Automotive Sector


April 9, 2019 Washington, District of Columbia SAE International Classroom Seminar

The automotive industry is the new "battleground" for cybersecurity. Following the path of desktops/laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, the automotive industry is now the "hot" area for both academic researchers and hackers. This will transform the automotive industry just as it transformed traditional information technology and the mobile markets; it is inescapable, but it can be beneficial and a well prepared company can find significant benefit in being a market leader.

What does cybersecurity mean? Who is attacking and why? What must we change? What can stay the same? What is the larger organization's role in cyber? What will the government likely do and how will it affect us? Are there measurements - what does "secure" look like? These questions and more will be answered by this seminar.

We live in an age when cyber-related recalls will happen, when remote, over-the-air updates will become routine, and in which our cars have more lines of code than a small office. This seminar introduces critical cybersecurity concepts and puts them in an automotive context. It cuts through to the "so what" basics that enable understanding and provides ideas to implement in your company. Interaction and discussion is important, so after each lecture block there is a discussion period and a written work product.