SAE International and ISO Publish First-Of-Its Kind Standard for Automotive Cybersecurity Engineering

The New Standard Combines Efforts from Over 100 Global Industry Experts to Ensure Cybersecurity is Designed into Road-vehicles and Their Components

SAE International, in collaboration with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), announced today the publishing of a draft of the new ISO/SAE 21434™ Standard to address automotive cybersecurity engineering. The new standard is designed to help the industry define a structured process to ensure cybersecurity is incorporated into the design of road vehicles, including systems, components software and connections to any external device or network.
The ISO/SAE 21434 Standard is a result of the efforts of a joint working group of more than 100 experts from 14 nations and 82 industry organizations across public, private, and government sectors, representing the SAE Vehicle Cybersecurity Systems Engineering Committee and the ISO Technical Committee 22, Sub-committee 32, Working Group 11.
“The collaborative partnership between SAE and ISO enables the development of the highest quality specification with the participation of the top global experts in the field," said Jack Pokrzywa, director of global ground vehicle standards, SAE International. “We look forward to future joint efforts which save our customers’ resources and bring industry timely and critical joint standards in emerging technologies.”
This new standard expands on the same basic framework developed by SAE J3061™: Cybersecurity Guidebook for Cyber-Physical Vehicle Systems, the world’s first automotive cybersecurity standard, to provide more detailed expectations and direction.
“The new ISO/SAE standard will lay the foundation for more consistent cybersecurity practices across the auto industry,” said Lisa Boran, ISO/SAE joint working group convener and vehicle cybersecurity manager, Ford Motor Company. “It will help auto manufacturers and suppliers better serve their customers by providing a new standard for cybersecurity robustness.”
The draft of the ISO/SAE 21434 Standard is now available at:

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