G-32 Cyber Physical Systems Security Committee

The G-32 Cyber Physical Systems Security Committee (CPSS) is developing documents addressing CPSS intended for multi-sector, cross-industry (commercial, defense, and other high reliability and/or critical systems in aerospace, transportation, medical, etc.) use to address weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the system and system elements (e.g. software, firmware, hardware). Cross-industry/cross-sector participation actively participating in the committee includes members from industry (e.g. Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Medical Devices, Industrial Control Devices, IoT, and Banking & Finance), government, and academia.  


G-32 Work in Progress

JA7496 Cyber Physical Systems Security Engineering Plan (CPSSEP)

JA6678 Cyber Physical Systems Security Software Assurance

JA6801 Cyber Physical Systems Security Hardware Assurance


Review of SAE G-32 Cyber Physical Systems Security Committee Overview & Objectives can be found here


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