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New university-led Air Force Center of Excellence focuses on securing autonomous systems operating in contested environments

The researchers at the COE for Assured Autonomy in Contested Environments – all of which histories of innovation for Department of Defense problems of interest – will focus on the availability, integrity, and effective use of information by leveraging its diverse expertise in dynamics, mathematics, control theory, information theory, communications, and computer science.

New developments in aviation cybersecurity and next-generation crash recorders

An unfortunate incident has helped to revive interest and awareness of DO-326A, and EASA has now decided to make it mandatory for avionics vendors to implement the specification. EASA is using a route to fast-track the mandate through legislation and it’s now expected that, within the next three or four months, all new avionics developments will be required to perform a DO-326A cybersecurity assessment.

KBRwyle wins $95.7M in cybersecurity, engineering work for U.S. military

KBRwyle, the global government services business of KBR Inc. (NYSE:KBR), in Houston won three contracts totaling $95.7 million to support cybersecurity and engineering efforts for the U.S. military.  U.S. Air Force Installation Contracting Agency (AFICA) officials awarded the task orders, which fall under the U.S. Department of Defense Information Analysis Center's multiple-award contract (DoD IAC’s MAC) vehicle for work to be performed for various U.S. military orga

Software security, a scientific overview

Software needs security. That's a consequence of using software to control critical systems. It's difficult because software is inherently a complex artifact, even when the code just consists of a single sequential program in a single programming language, with well-defined inputs and outputs. Of course, actual software rarely if ever has such a simple structure. Security needs software. That's a consequence of the complexity just mentioned. No process can ensure security at scale unless it is automated by using software itself: programming languages, verification tools, software platforms.
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