Engineering an Aircraft Hydrogen Powertrain

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  • TBMG-39305
Published June 01, 2021 by Tech Briefs Media Group in United States
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ZeroAvia’s journey into the world of the hydrogen powertrain began with a mission to decarbonize one of the most challenging sectors in existence due to the complexities in recreating the synthesis of chain reactions that aircraft require to fly securely with hydrogen fueling. Currently, the balance of engine-triggered events that power, heat, pressurize, and so forth is not necessarily the result of the high-efficiency performance of fossil fuels. Yet, aircraft use engine inefficiencies to fill other needs such as thermal management. One of the most significant challenges in designing an effective hydrogen powertrain system is keeping the aircraft capabilities intact by using efficient and non-efficient fossil-fuel turbine engine performance metrics as a benchmarking tool for peak hydrogen performance.