CAESAR Plug-in for MagicDraw

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  • TBMG-35983
Published February 01, 2020 by Tech Briefs Media Group in United States
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The CAESAR software is a plug-in for No Magic's MagicDraw tool that allows users to capture a model of a flight system architecture at various levels of abstraction while maintaining consistency of the system design information, products, and artifacts that are commonly used in flight system design such as block diagrams that capture the system topology. Each level of abstraction is characterized by a model of components, interfaces, signals, and channels. These fundamental constructs are annotated by ontologies to provide semantics and context for architecture models at each level of abstraction. The plug-in manages consistency between models of the flight system architecture and projected views from the set of defined architecture models, and allows for annotating semantics by creating and applying metamodels that capture domain-specific concepts using the profiling mechanism in Magic-Draw. Projected views are described in specific block diagrams, tables, reports, and other documentation.