Stretchable Mesh for Cavity Noise Reduction

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  • TBMG-28565
Published March 01, 2018 by Tech Briefs Media Group in United States
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NASA’s Langley Research Center has developed a landing gear cavity modification that reduces noise produced during aircraft approach and landing. The modification is an innovative stretchable mesh assembly that deploys and retracts with the landing gear to reduce high-intensity low- to mid-frequency airframe noise. The envisioned low-profile mesh concept enables mitigation of cavity noise without sealing of the cavity or incurring appreciable penalties of increased weight, and conforms easily and smoothly to the interior edges of an aircraft wheel well. The concept is potentially suitable for retrofit of current aircraft and for inclusion into future civil transport fleets, and causes no adverse effects to the aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft. The technology has been validated in wind tunnel testing. NASA is seeking partners who are interested in co-development or licensure of the technology for a variety of applications.