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Utilization of Multidimensional Engine Modeling

  • Special Publication
  • SP-1256
  • ISBN 1-56091-968-X
Published February 24, 1997 by SAE International in United States
Utilization of Multidimensional Engine Modeling
  • English
  • 134 pages
Contents of this informative publication include: numerical analysis of fuel behavior in a port-injection gasoline engine; modeling drop drag effects on fuel spray impingement in direct injection diesel engines; direct injection diesel engine simulation: a combined numerical and experimental approach from aerodynamics to combustion; modeling atomization and break up in high-pressure diesel sprays; prediction of the flow and spray processes in an automobile DI diesel engine; multidimensional intake flow modeling of a four-stroke engine with comparisons to flow velocity measurements; multidimensional modeling of spray atomization and air-fuel mixing in a dirct-injection spark-ignition engine; computations of transient jets: RNG k-e mode versus standard k-e model; and numerical simulation of post-flame oxidation of hydrocarbons in spark-ignition engines.