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Futuristic Concepts in Engines and Components

  • Special Publication
  • SP-1108
  • ISBN 1-56091-679-6
Published August 01, 1995 by SAE International in United States
Futuristic Concepts in Engines and Components
  • English
  • 196 pages
This publication includes papers on two-stroke engines and components, Brayton stirling and Otto cycles, alternative cycles, advanced combustion, and other related topics. Contents includes: paving the way to controlled combustion engines (CCE); a new class of stratified-charge internal combustion engine; internal combustion (IC) engine with minimum number of moving parts; new type of heat engine-externally heated air engine; a porous media burner for reforming methanol for fuel cell powered electric vehicles; using a stirling engine simulation program as a regenerator design aid; in-cylinder regenerated engines; high-speed electronic fuel injection for direct injected rotary engine; the characteristics of fuel consumption and exhaust emissions of the side exhaust port rotary engine.