Introduction to Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)

To become a preferred supplier in the automotive industry, organizations must demonstrate high-level engineering and organizational capabilities that will meet customers" needs today and tomorrow. Because the outcome of a product development project may determine whether or not an organization procures a purchase order or contract from a global automotive customer, Introduction to Advanced Product Quality Planning provides an overview of the best practices / methodologies for planning and managing the successful launch of a new product.

The benefits of a successful new product launch are recognized by both global automotive customers and suppliers. There are thousands of great inspirations and great ideas each year, but the difficult task that so many organizations struggle with is how to take those ideas and develop them into a viable product design, and then manufacture the designed product, and then distribute and sell the product. An understanding of the Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) process, the management of the process, and the implementation of the process is critical to the product development multi-disciplinary team which includes top management, the project manager, product engineering, process engineering, design and development, manufacturing, quality, and purchasing personnel.

What Will You Learn

By participating in this on-demand course, you'll be able to:
  • Explain what APQP is, including its purpose and the goals of an effective APQP process
  • Identify the impacts and benefits that an effective APQP process has on both the customer and the supplier
  • Describe how an APQP process can be integrated into an organization's business management system
  • Describe the contents of a 'Master Plan' for new product introduction, which includes an outline of the inputs and outputs of the various phases of the APQP process
  • Explain how APQP leads to continual improvement for the organization and for customer satisfaction

Course Information

1.50 Hours
90 Days

Is This Course For You

Participants in the Introduction to Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) on demand course will gain a 'common-sense' perspective for successful new product launches and what needs to be done to comply with automotive customer specific requirements. You will also understand how to apply the concepts of 'front-end' planning (via the APQP process) that will result in continual improvement of products and services for both the customer and the supplying organization. This course is relevant to individuals with limited or general knowledge of the APQP process and some experience with introducing new products or new manufacturing processes.

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Materials Provided

  • 90 days of online single-user access (from date of purchase) to the one hour presentation
  • A printable summary of the key takeways from each lesson
  • Integrated knowledge checks to reinforce key concepts
  • Instructor follow-up to your content questions
  • 0.2 CEUs*/Certificate of Achievement (upon completion of all course content and a score of 70% or higher on the learning assessment)

*SAE International is authorized by IACET to offer CEUs for this course.


Course Requirements

  • Windows 7, 8, 10 (other operating systems and mobile platforms are not supported but may work)
  • Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox 37, Google Chrome 42 (other browsers are not supported but may work)
  • Broadband-1Mbps minimum


  • What is APQP
  • Purpose of APQP
  • APQP Integration
  • Developing a Master Plan for New Products
  • APQP Benefits

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