Manual on Design and Application of Leaf Springs

  • Handbook Supplement (HS)
  • HS-788
  • ISBN 978-0-89883-383-6
Published 1980-12-01by SAE International in United States
  • English
  • 122 pages

This manual is written as a guide for the designer of leaf spring installations. It contains information which will make it possible to calculate the space required for a leaf spring, to provide suitable attachments, and to determine the elastic and geometric properties of the assembly. The detail design of the spring itself also is described, but it was not the intention of the Committee to lay down fixed rules for this. The choice of leaf lengths, leaf thicknesses, and leaf curvatures depends upon the type of installation and upon the kind of service. Only an experienced spring engineer can make the best choice of these factors. It is therefore recommended that the designer of a leaf spring installation consult a spring maker before the design is finalized.