Automotive Cybersecurity Certification: Level One

The ever-increasing networking and automation of vehicles make cybersecurity a core requirement for future vehicles and their components. Automobile manufacturers and suppliers are confronted with new requirements that address the cybersecurity of vehicle IT/OT. This certification, created in partnership between SAE International and TÜV SÜD, provides the necessary basic knowledge for people who work in the field of automotive cybersecurity, management, engineering, and auditing. Course participants will gain an understanding of the current challenges in the automotive industry and the relevance and importance of cybersecurity.

Developed and led by industry experts, the program teaches the context and the requirements of the laws, regulations, and standards with a focus on the regulations of UNECE WP.29 and ISO/SAE DIS 21434. The necessary basic knowledge helps organizations prepare to meet the upcoming legal obligations for automotive cybersecurity. This makes a significant contribution to safeguarding vehicles and components and successfully homologating series vehicles. This course provides participants with essential knowledge and skills, including:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the quality and risk management of vehicles
  • Dangers and measures needed to protect vehicles from cyber threats
  • Relationships between threat and risk analysis, security concept, security specification
  • Verification and validation concept over the entire life cycle of the product

The automotive cybersecurity qualification concept was developed with recognized experts from the automotive industry and is characterized by a high level of practical relevance. Practical examples from our trainers and exercises support the transfer of the learning content into your work environment. An examination of core concepts will be administered at the conclusion of the course. Once the exam is passed, participants will receive an SAE International/TÜV SÜD recognized certification.

Note: A Level Two advanced certification will be available in fall of 2021.

Is This Course For You

This certification course is designed for any role that needs to have a foundational understanding of automotive cybersecurity; Operations managers, Project & Production Managers, Quality Officers, Revision & Audit Officer, Cybersecurity Professionals, Engineering personnel, Developers, Testers, Functional Safety Managers, Engineering Management, Software Engineers, Safety Managers, etc.

Materials Provided

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Course Requirements

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  • Introduction and transformation of mobility Challenges in the automotive sector
  • Cybersecurity basics
  • Basics of automotive cybersecurity
  • Regulatory environment
  • Automotive cybersecurity engineering according to ISO/SAE 21434