Methodology of Interactive Design and Study Using Driving Simulator

Driving simulator is a key component of automotive interactive design, which can provide objective data to support both the effectiveness of design and user experience. On the other hand, driving simulator and the design of its experiments are major challenges, as improper experiment design will lead to consequences such as failure in identifying designing errors of the interactive design itself. Therefore, this course will mainly introduce the technological approaches of driving simulators such as experimental methods, process, design and data analysis, and try to achieve the best learning results through actual experiments on driving simulators.

What Will You Learn

By attending this seminar, you will be able to:

  • lUnderstand the basic theories and methods of experimenting on driving simulators
  • lExplain the design and process of driving simulators
  • lAnalyze data generated from driving simulators
  • lUnderstand the international standards and test methods of driving simulators
  • lMaster the actual process and operation of driving simulators

Is This Course For You

Industrial design engineer, automotive electronics engineer, interactive design, intelligent cockpit, intelligent network, intelligent driving, industrial design, automotive electronics

Materials Provided

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Course Requirements

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  • The basics of the simulator theory
  • Introduction of driving simulators
    • The concept and basic introduction of simulators
    • Software and hardware requirements of driving simulator
    • Limitations of driving simulator and how to break limitations by using experimental methodology.
    • Driving simulator demonstration


  • Methodology of simulator experiment
    • Methods and concepts


  • Study of user demand and experiment design
    • Study of user demand
    • Designing questionnaires
    • Translating demand into experiment design


  • Experiment design
    • Classic scenario
    • Experiment process


  • Simulator experience
    • How to be a proper experimenter
    • Subject experience



  • Designing simulator experiment
    • Autopilot and ADAS system
    • In-vehicle infotainment system


  • Analysis and evaluation of data generated from simulators
    • Methods of data analysis – how to organize and observe data?
    • Evaluation method - how to explain the phenomenon from the data?
    • How the experimental results affect the design?