Introduction to Cyber Security for Commercial Aviation

Despite the advantages of electronic flight bags (EFB), passenger entertainment and email access during flights, and the ability to access aircraft repair manuals electronically, computer interconnectivity throughout aviation has opened the aviation sector to cyber-attacks that could impact flights, data, and safety. This two-day seminar is intended to introduce aviation professionals to the need to implement cyber security throughout commercial aviation including the supply chain. The course will provide a comprehensive overview of how the aviation industry is interconnected by computers and information technology along with managing those risks of cyber connectivity

What Will You Learn

By attending this seminar, you will be able to:
  • Define how commercial aviation and cyber security intersect
  • Identify the concerns of how cyber security impacts commercial aviation
  • Identify cyber security solutions appropriate to reducing threats and cyber attacks within commercial aviation
  • Develop a risk-based plan for responding to cyber-attacks appropriate to the commercial aviation entity including supply chain
  • Analyze recommendations and best practices from other industries, aviation organizations, and government to respond to or reduce risks from cyber-attacks

Is This Course For You

This course is designed for individuals in the aviation industry who would benefit from learning how to apply principles associated with Cyber Security. Aerospace engineers, airline and airport security management, IT developers, service providers, and government and regulator staff would gain advanced and current knowledge about cyber security in aviation.

Materials Provided

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Course Requirements



  • Defining Commercial Aviation
    • Defining what commercial aviation is
    • Defining Internet of Things: an overview of the impact of connectivity extending to aircraft structure
    • Commercial aviation and information technology products
  • Defining Cyber Security
    • Evolution of cyber security- hackers and attacks
    • Some reported attacks on commercial aviation
  • Why concern about cyber security impacts commercial aviation
    • Interconnected aircraft systems
    • Next Generation Air Transportation Systems
    • Commercial aviation as part of critical infrastructure
    • Supply chain issues
  • FAA Cyber security regulations
    • Focus on safety, physical security
    • Special instructions
  • Government Accountability Office reports
    • Review of cyber-security during transition to NextGen
  • The future of commercial aviation and cyber security
    • Forecasts for the future
    • International recommendations
  • Solutions to reducing threats and cyber-attacks
    • Legislative
    • Regulations
    • Standards
    • Testing (i.e., penetration testing)
    • Training
  • Aviation Information Sharing and Analysis Centers
    • Protection from anti-trust violations
    • Limited sharing
  • Best practices
    • Other industries
    • NHTSA
  • Risk management
    • Managing the risk of cyber attackers in commercial aviation
    • Supply chain risk management
  • Developing a Plan for Responding to cyber-attacks
    • Guidance from other industries and government
  • Specific recommendations from aviation organizations
    • International Air Transport Association
    • Transportation Research Board and the National Academies
    • ICAO
    • Aerospace Industries Association