AS13002: Qualifying an Alternate Inspection Frequency Plan

AS13002 defines the process for qualifying an Alternate Inspection Frequency Plan for suppliers within the aero-engine sector.  This two-day course will provide common requirements for developing and qualifying an alternate inspection plan, other than 100% inspection of all features.  This course is designed to cover the basic elements of the process to be applied to design characteristics (as defined in AS9102), and parts or inspection processes as defined by the purchaser. Beginning with documentation requisites, it will also cover characteristics and controls definition, data pack preparation, purchaser evaluation and approval, planning execution and monitoring, reaction planning, change control and control types.

What Will You Learn

By attending this seminar, you will be able to identify and explain:
  • Inspection frequency plan terminology
  • Training requirements
  • Inspection frequency requirements
  • Inspection frequency process
  • Control types
  • Required documentation
  • Example plans

Is This Course For You

This course is intended, as stated in AS13002, to meet requirements for personnel developing, qualifying and Implementing Inspection Frequency Plans where characteristics are not 100% inspected.


Materials Provided

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Course Requirements

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  • Introduction
    • Scope & purpose of the AS13002 Standard
  • Quality control methods
    • Measurement system analysis (MSA)
    • Inspection plans
    • Characteristics
    • Statistical process control
    • Sampling plans
    • AS9100:2016 Rev. D requirements for release of products and services
  • AS9102 aerospace first article inspection requirements
    • Requirements
    • First article inspection planning
    • Nonconformance handling
    • Evaluation activities
    • Partial/full FAI
    • Documentation
    • Characteristics accountability
    • Record results
  • Process flow to implement inspection frequency requirements
    • Process flow
    • Pre-requisites
    • Define characteristics and controls
  • Statistical process control
    • Requirements for sampling of variable data
    • Major characteristics
    • Minor features
    • Reduced inspection of variables
  • Software numerical control
  • Die/mold and form tool control
  • Die/mold and form tool control - complex structural castings
  • Process parameter control
    • Prepare data pack
    • Purchaser evaluation and approval
    • Execute plan and monitor
    • Reaction plan
    • Change control
  • Example plan
    • Cast and machined part