DO-178C Basic Training

This seminar is offered in China only and presented in Mandarin Chinese. The course materials are bilingual (English and Chinese).

With the development of Chinese civil aviation industry, more and more people realized the importance of airborne software.  During the certification process of previous ARJ21 aircraft, airborne software had captured many concerns.  Nowadays the certification process of C919 aircraft has also reached its peak after its maiden flight.  In this context, learning how to correctly understand and strictly meet the objectives DO-178C becomes very essential for the people who is developing or is going to develop airborne software.  This seminar aims to deliver a thorough understanding on the core concept and the utilization of DO-178C.

RTCA DO-178C <Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification> is the worldwide accepted standard for civil aviation software development and certification. Compliance with the objectives of DO-178C is the primary means for meeting airworthiness requirements and obtaining approval of airborne software in TC/STC/TSO, etc..

This two-day seminar will introduce attendees to the core concept and the utilization of DO-178C. We will go over the main topics such as system safety and its certification, software lifecycle processes, software lifecycle data, objectives for each software level, variation in independence and control category for each software level, additional considerations, and also combined usage of DO-178C and its supplements. 

What Will You Learn

By attending this seminar, you will be able to:
  • Recognize the background, purpose and requirements of DO-178C
  • Construct decent software lifecycle according to the software level and the specific characteristic of target software
  • Write and verify software plans and standards
  • Develop and verify software requirements, design descriptions, code, test cases, test procedures, test results, while correctly identify the trace data among these data
  • Perform software configuration management and quality assurance process
  • Demonstrate compliance with DO-178C objectives and minimize cost while applying industry-best practices

Is This Course For You

The seminar is applicable for the beginners to airworthiness and DO-178C Certification
Job Titles
  • Airborne software engineers
  • Aviation Certification engineers
  • Supplier Managers
Job Functions
  • Response for software development/verification /CM/QA in aviation system or equipment
  • Response for airborne system or software certification related work
  • Response for supplier management, especially software suppliers
Field of Study
  • (ME, EE, CE, etc)

Materials Provided

This data is not available at this time

Course Requirements

It is recommended that attendees have bachelor degree in a technical area along with a basic knowledge on software engineering.


  • Overview
    • DO-178C Background
    • DO-178C Overview
  • Software Planning and Development Process
    • Software Planning Process
    • Software Development Process
  • Software Integral Process
    • Software Verification Process
    • Software Configuration Management Process
    • Software Quality Assurance Process
    • Certification Liaison Process
  • Software Life Cycle Data
  • Objectives, independence and control category for each software level
  • DO-178C and its supplements
  • Case Study
  • Conclusion