Applying DO-254 for Avionics Hardware Development and Certification (China Only)

This course is offered in China only.

This Course introduces DO-254 – the worldwide standard for commercial avionics hardware development. Attendees will learn about aircraft safety, systems, hardware planning, hardware requirements, and hardware design/implementation/test. The entire ecosystem of aviation avionics hardware development will be summarized including DO-254C’s relationship to other standards including ARP-4761 for Safety and ARP-4754A for Systems Development.


Attendees will learn about common DO-254 mistakes and how to prevent them. Also, industry-best practices for real-world hardware development will be presented. Attendees will learn how to minimize DO-254 risks and costs while maximizing hardware quality for successful avionics development.


What Will You Learn


By attending this seminar, you will be able to:

  • Identify the premise of DO-254
  • 了解DO-254标准的背景知识
  • Explain how DO-254 fits into the avionics development ecosystem
  • 了解如何使DO-254标准融入航空电子设备的开发生态系统
  • Identify hardware planning and standards
  • 了解硬件规划和标准
  • Identify hardware requirements, design, implementation, and testing for avionics
  • 了解航空电子硬件的要求、设计、实现和测试
  • Identify basic configuration management and quality assurance
  • 了解基本的配置管理和质量保证
  • Identify how to mitigate common DO-254 risks and minimize cost while applying industry-best practices
  • 了解如何降低DO-254标准的风险以及如何减少业内最佳实践的应用成本

Is This Course For You


This seminar is designed for Avionics Hardware Managers and Engineers from aviation industry.
Some prerequisites for attendees:

  • At least two years of college, preferably in a technical area.
  • Basic understanding of hardware, software or IT.
本课程面向航空业的航空电子硬件管理人员和工程师。 参与者的要求如下:
  • 至少有两年的大学学习经历,最好是技术领域专业。
  • 对硬件、软件和IT有基本的了解。

Materials Provided

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Course Requirements

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  • DO-254 Basics
  • DO-254 标准基础知识
    • Avionics Ecosystem
    • 航空电子设备生态系统
    • Relationship to ARP-4754A and ARP-4761
    • 与ARP-4754A标准和ARP-4761标准的关系
    • Avionics Safety
    • 航空电子设备的安全性
    • Avionics Systems
    • 航空电子系统
  • Hardware Development Planning
  • 硬件开发计划
    • Criticality levels
    • 临界水平
    • Plan for Hardware Aspects of Certification (PHAC)
    • 硬件认证计划(PHAC)
    • Hardware Process Assurance Planning (HPAP)
    • 硬件进程保证计划(HPAP)
    • Hardware Configuration Management Planning (HCMP)
    • 硬件配置管理计划(HCMP)
    • Hardware Development Planning (HDP) –Requirements, Conceptual Design, Detailed Design, and Integration
    • 硬件开发计划(HDP)——开发要求、概念设计规划、详细设计规划和整合
    • Hardware Verification Planning (HVP) – Reviews, Tests, and Analysis
    • 硬件验证计划(HVP)——检验、测试和分析

  • Hardware Verification and Validation Details
  • 硬件验证及验证细节
    • Robustness testing
    • 稳健性测试
    • Element Analysis & Structural Coverage
    • 要素分析和结构覆盖范围
    • Hardware Validation
    • 硬件验证
    • Hardware Reviews & Certification
    • 硬件检验和认证
  • Hardware Traceability
  • 硬件的可追溯性
  • Common Avionics Hardware Development Mistakes & How to prevent
  • 常见的航空电子硬件开发误区以及避免这些错误的方法
  • Avionics hardware and DO-254 Best Practices
  • 航空电子硬件和DO-254标准的最佳实践
  • Avionics hardware and DO-254 Gap Analysis
  • 航空电子设备和DO-254标准的差异分析
    • Common gaps
    • 常见的差异
    • Cost estimation
    • 成本估算
    • Project Management & SOI’s
    • 项目管理和SOI技术
    • Hardware review checklist walkthrough
    • 硬件审查清单介绍