Flight Control Actuation System Considerations on Architecture Design and System Installation

The purpose of this four hour short course is to provide information to understand how is established the basic architecture of a Flight Control Actuation System of a transport airplane, i.e. understanding the rationale for the distribution of the control surfaces, power sources, actuators and computers.

What Will You Learn

By attending this seminar, you will be able to:
  • Understand the Flight Control Actuation System main requirements
  • Identify technical alternatives covering various aspects of Flight Control Actuation System architecture
  • Identify the impact of some installation constraints on Control Actuation System architecture
  • Describe various examples of Flight Control Actuation System architectures

Is This Course For You

This seminar is designed for engineers, executives, and other key personnel with little or no previous flight control knowledge or experience.

Materials Provided

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Course Requirements

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  • Actuation System Architecture Driving Requirements
    • Certification
    • Particular Risk
    • MMEL requirements
    • Margin on failure probabilities
    • Arbitrary failure conditions to be covered
    • Dissimilarity
  • Actuation System Architecture Design Considerations
    • How many control surfaces
    • Balanced vs unbalanced surfaces
    • Mechanical vs powered system
    • How many power sources
    • Electric vs hydraulic power sources
    • How many actuators per surface
    • Active/active vs active/std-by & double activation
    • EMA vs EHA
    • EBHA vs EHA
    • How many computers
    • Centralized vs distributed electronics
    • COM/MON vs triplex voting
    • Dissimilarity (electronics, power sources, back-up system)
    • Back-up system
  • Pilot Controls
    • Side stick vs control column
    • Active vs passive side stick
  • Considerations On System Installation
    • UERF and System Routing
    • Bird strike and segregation
    • Electric actuator thermal management
    • Fire prevention
    • Lightning Strike
    • Actuator installation configurations
  • Actuation system architecture examples
    • System architecture analysis principle
    • Architecture examples