ARP4754A and the Guidelines for Development of Civil Aircraft and Systems

ARP4754A substantially revises the industry guidance for the development of aircraft and aircraft systems while taking into account the overall aircraft operating environment and functions. This development process includes validation of requirements and verification of the design implementation for certification and product assurance. ARP4754A provides the practices for showing compliance with regulations and serves to assist companies in developing and meeting its own internal standards though application of the described guidelines.

This two day seminar will provide attendees with an in-depth presentation of the guidelines introduced in the revised recommended practice for aircraft and systems development as well as the critical concepts used in aircraft and systems development processes for certification. The aircraft/systems development process and its interactions with the safety, hardware development and software development processes will be discussed along with the incorporated changes, with special emphasis on new material and development concepts. Additionally, the relationship and key interactions between the aircraft/system guidance material established in ARP4754A and the guidance material in DO-254 for hardware and DO-178B for software will be reviewed to ensure attendees gain insight into the expectations being established for aircraft certification.

In addition to the seminar handout, a copy of ARP4754A: Guidelines for Development of Civil Aircraft and Systems standard and AIR6110: Contiguous Aircraft/System Development Process Example standard will be provided to each attendee.

What Will You Learn

By attending this seminar, you will be able to:
  • Identify the changes between the legacy ARP4754 and ARP4754A,
  • Explain the aircraft/systems development process and its interaction with the safety assessment process,
  • Identify the key aircraft/systems development processes and their interrelationships,
  • Discover and be able to apply new guidelines on Functional and Item Development Assurance Levels (FDAL & IDAL)
  • Apply the new guideline material within your own company context.

Is This Course For You

This seminar is designed for engineers and other key personnel working in the design, development, and safety assessments of aircraft and aircraft systems.

Materials Provided

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Course Requirements

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  • Introduction
    • Overview of seminar material
  • ARP4754A Development History
    • How we got here.
    • Who contributed to the revision?
  • ARP4754 to ARP4754A Change Highlights
    • Chapter by chapter change review
  • Aircraft / Systems Development Process
    • Overview of Process
    • Discussion of Interactions with safety processes
    • Discussion of Interactions with hardware and software development processes
  • Integral Processes
    • Safety Assessment
    • Development Assurance Level Assignment
  • Integral Processes
    • Requirement Management
    • Implementation Verification
    • Configuration Management
    • Process Assurance
    • Certification / Regulatory Authority Coordination
  • New Guidance - DAL & IDAL Examples
    • Definitions
    • Assigning appropriate levels
  • New Guidance - System Development Objectives
    • Appendix A Overview
  • AIR6110 - Example Application
  • Summary and Review
    • Review of presented material
    • Question and Answer