Automotive Plastics: Principles of Materials & Process Selection

Plastic - any class of synthetically-produced organic compounds capable of being molded and hardened into a specific shape or form. This course is designed to offer a basic understanding of plastics and plastic processing. Using plastics can be simple, but there is much more behind producing high performance plastic parts. This seminar will walk you through the molding process, provide a comprehensive look at the variables in the manufacturing mix, and review characteristics of typical automotive plastics such as PP, PVC, ABS, and more. This seminar will also cover troubleshooting molding mistakes and alternative processes, and review the selection of an application's appropriate plastic material. Material presented is both an excellent foundation for further development and an extensive update for those already working in the field.

What Will You Learn

At the completion of this seminar, attendees will be able to:
  • demonstrate an understanding of typical automotive plastics and primary and application-specific plastics processing methods
  • recognize key plastics terminology and parameters related to plastics
  • explain alternative molding processes
  • prevent or reduce molding mistakes
  • understand the molding cycle
  • troubleshoot the processing operation

Is This Course For You

This seminar is designed for those who are new to automotive plastics, as well as those who have some experience. The program will benefit product designers, process engineers, purchasing agents, project engineers, manufacturing engineers, material engineers, and sales and marketing professionals.

Materials Provided

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Course Requirements

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  • Introduction to Injection Molding
    • Process description
    • Product description
    • Business overview
  • The Injection Molding Machine
    • Clamp systems
    • Plastication unit
    • Screw
    • Controls
  • The Molding Cycle
    • Pressure in process
    • Velocity generation, including mold filling, mold packing, cooling, ejection, material melting and material handling.
  • Typical Injection Molding Mistakes
    • Melt temperature
    • Material drying
    • Contamination
    • Over packing
    • Incomplete fill
    • Oversized machines
    • Undersized machines
    • Temperature control
  • Mold(s)
  • Function
    • Forming
    • Cooling
  • Basic Design Requirements
    • Clamp slots
    • Ejection "hole"
    • Support
    • "Seal-off"