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Application of Transient Magnetic Fields to a Magnetosensitive Device

Journal Article
ISSN: 1946-4614, e-ISSN: 1946-4622
Published April 03, 2018 by SAE International in United States
Application of Transient Magnetic Fields to a Magnetosensitive Device
Citation: Mandziuk, M., Ball, L., and Piper, S., "Application of Transient Magnetic Fields to a Magnetosensitive Device," SAE Int. J. Passeng. Cars – Electron. Electr. Syst. 11(3):183-195, 2018,
Language: English


EMC Component Validation Responsibilities encompass many realms. One of these realms is the effect of magnetic fields on silicon-based devices. This article describes a method for exposing these devices to magnetic fields with waveforms other than the traditional sinusoidal excitation.
The method commonly used to explore the sensitivity of active silicon devices is exposure of the device to a representative sinusoidal field and observation of its reaction or lack thereof. The challenge is to characterize the representative field and be able to verify its effectiveness. Recent vehicle level testing of new designs has brought our attention to time-varying or transient magnetic field shapes that create deviations not previously detected with Military Standard 461 (MIL-STD-461) type sinusoidal magnetic field exposure. A facsimile of a number of existing and well-known vehicle transients are excited through a physical and simulated system to prepare representative and repeatable transient inputs for use with existing lab equipment.