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Soot Volume Fraction and Morphology of Conventional, Fischer-Tropsch, Coal-Derived, and Surrogate Fuel at Diesel Conditions

Journal Article
ISSN: 1946-3952, e-ISSN: 1946-3960
Published April 16, 2012 by SAE International in United States
Soot Volume Fraction and Morphology of Conventional, Fischer-Tropsch, Coal-Derived, and Surrogate Fuel at Diesel Conditions
Citation: Kook, S. and Pickett, L., "Soot Volume Fraction and Morphology of Conventional, Fischer-Tropsch, Coal-Derived, and Surrogate Fuel at Diesel Conditions," SAE Int. J. Fuels Lubr. 5(2):647-664, 2012,
Language: English


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