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Locally Austempered Ductile Iron (LADI)

Journal Article
ISSN: 1946-3979, e-ISSN: 1946-3987
Published April 12, 2010 by SAE International in United States
Locally Austempered Ductile Iron (LADI)
Citation: Bixler, C., Hayrynen, K., Keough, J., Pfaffmann, G. et al., "Locally Austempered Ductile Iron (LADI)," SAE Int. J. Mater. Manuf. 3(1):380-390, 2010,
Language: English


There are numerous component applications that would benefit from localized austempering (heat treating only a portion of the component) for either improved wear properties or fatigue strength. Currently available methods for “surface austempering” of ductile iron are often expensive and not as well controlled as would be desired. This study was undertaken to find a better process. Locally Austempered Ductile Iron (LADI) is the result of those efforts.
LADI is a surface hardening heat treatment process that will produce a localized case depth of an ausferrite microstructure (ADI) in a desired area of a component. This process has been jointly developed by Ajax Tocco Magnethermic Corporation (ATM) and Applied Process, Inc.- Technologies Division (AP) with support and collaboration from ThyssenKrupp Waupaca, Inc. (TKW). This paper describes the outcome of using this patent pending process (US #65/195,131).