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Model Based E85 Cold Start Optimization for DISI Engines

Journal Article
ISSN: 1946-3952, e-ISSN: 1946-3960
Published June 15, 2009 by SAE International in United States
Model Based E85 Cold Start Optimization for DISI Engines
Citation: Liebsch, S., Dingel, O., Maass, J., Günther, M. et al., "Model Based E85 Cold Start Optimization for DISI Engines," SAE Int. J. Fuels Lubr. 2(1):902-910, 2009,
Language: English


The startability of SI engines, especially of DISI engines, is the greatest challenge when using ethanol blended fuels. The development of a suitable injection strategy is therefore the main engineering target when developing an ethanol engine with direct injection. In order to limit the test efforts of such a program, a vaporization model has been created that provides the quantity of vaporized fuel depending on pressure and on start and end, respectively number and split relation of injections. This model takes account of the most relevant fuel properties such as density, surface tension and viscosity. It also considers the interaction of the spray with cylinder liner, cylinder head and piston. A comparison with test results shows the current status and the need for action of this simulation model.