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Advances in surface engineering

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Published December 01, 2013 by SAE International in United States
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Newer materials with improved properties can enhance the properties of the working surfaces of cylinder components for the demands of increased temperatures, pressures, and corrosive atmospheres and still satisfy performance and life requirements.

By all accounts, the internal-combustion engine will continue to play a major role as the prime mover for automotive vehicles for decades to come. It has faced a lot of challenges in the past, but it is also true that at every challenge, the industry comes up with an adequate response to meet that challenge in part or in full.

Higher specific output, tighter emission norms, CO2 reduction through better fuel economy, longer life, and affordability will remain as persistent demands from the engine designer in the foreseeable future. The order of priority may change, influenced by factors such as fuel and oil prices, state of infrastructure, customer preferences, legislation, resale value, etc.