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The field of automated driving, and the safety considerations around that field, are very complex and requires a wide diversity of subject matter experts from basic Newtonian physics and cybersecurity to psychology and political science.  SAE International is hosting an Automated & Connected Wiki on the SAE MOBILUSĀ® platform for developing a Body of Knowledge (BOK) regarding Automated and Connected Vehicles.

Embedded in this objective is the premise that the automated driving ecosystem is too complex and fast-changing for any single person or small team to completely understand it all by themselves. Therefore, a collaborative, social authoring process is being utilized. A well-designed open collaborative process could enable the automated driving community to make effective use of input from a wide variety of stakeholders.

As a subject matter expert, you can help author and contribute to this information-rich resource!

To request your access to the Automated & Connected Wiki, please email

Current SAE MOBILUS Automated & Connected Wiki Features:

  • Datasets from TrafficNet, SHRP2, and more
  • Automated & Connected focused events
  • Key Players from both academia and Research institutions
  • Variable Performance Testing

Visit the Automated & Connected Wiki to contribute and share your content today.