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A true head turner. Mitsubishi Electric's EMIRAI4 on the showroom floor at CES 2019. Photo by Matt De Reno.

Mitsubishi Electric showcases its smart mobility concept car at CES 2019

Highlights from CES 2019

The Smart Cities showroom at CES 2019 is a virtual parking lot of tomorrow. Nearly every few steps you are bound to encounter a concept car that could be on the road driving you around one day. Here is a look at Mitsubishi Electric's EMIRAI4, a concept car that turned more than a few heads—including mine.

Mitsubishi Electric describes its newest version of the EMIRAI4 (2019) smart-mobility concept car as featuring next-generation driving-assistance technologies, advanced human-machine interface (HMI) technologies and other Mitsubishi Electric technologies for vehicle electrification, autonomous driving and network connection.

During CES 2019, Mitsubishi Electric showcased many facets of the advanced technology in the EMIRAI4 . The highlight is its realistic texture expression technology, called Real Texture.

According to Mitsubishi Electric, the Real Texture LED dashboard display realistically expresses the appearance of metallic-like surfaces by adjusting gloss and shadow according to the person’s viewing angle.

Other noteworthy features include ground-illuminating indicators for turning, door-opening. Moreover, project animated illuminations on road surfaces around the vehicle to provide highly intuitive, easy-to-see warnings about intended movements for enhanced road safety, even in bad weather including snow.

It is great that the car handle the snow. However, the only issue I see is that it appears to be a convertible. Of course, the EMIRAI4 has so many advanced features, perhaps a quick press of a button and a top appears? It would be in keeping with many of the prototype cars of tomorrow that are everywhere at CES 2019.

Learn about this car by clicking the link below.

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