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Ford and Volkswagen to partner on commercial vehicle, technology

Volkswagen and Ford Motor Company will join in an alliance to develop commercial vans and medium-sized pickups for global markets beginning as early as 2022, Ford announced Tuesday.

Ford stated that the alliance will drive significant scale and efficiencies and enable both companies to share investments in vehicle architectures that deliver distinct capabilities and technologies.

Ford and Volkswagen both tout strong commercial van and pickup businesses, with popular nameplates such as the Ford Transit family and Ranger as well as the Volkswagen Transporter, Caddy and Amarok.

“Over time, this alliance will help both companies create value and meet the needs of our customers and society,” Hackett said. “It will not only drive significant efficiencies and help both companies improve their fitness, but also gives us the opportunity to collaborate on shaping the next era of mobility.”

Demand for both medium pickups and commercial vans is expected to grow globally in the next five years The alliance will enable the companies to share development costs, leverage their respective manufacturing capacity, boost the capability and competitiveness of their vehicles and deliver cost efficiencies, while maintaining distinct brand characteristics.

Through the alliance, Ford will engineer and build medium-sized pickups for both companies which are expected to go to market as early as 2022. For both parties, Ford intends to engineer and build larger commercial vans for European customers, and Volkswagen intends to develop and build a city van, the company stated.

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