Automated & Connected

ADAS & Autonomous Vehicles USA

September 26-27, 2019 Novi, Michigan TU Automotive 2 Day Conference

This unique event brings together the entire ADAS-Autonomous Ecosystem with a common goal: to leverage new technology and expertise in order to advance the validity, intelligence and effectiveness of autonomous vehicle technology.

  • Dissect sensor developments – radar, camera, LiDAR – plus the question of sensor fusion to deliver a combined, intelligent sensor network.
  • Get to grips with AI & machine learning for e.g. object recognition & decision-making, and the algorithms being developed to bring the industry to Levels 4 & 5.
  • Review challenges in testing & validation of ADAS & AVs and discuss methods to deliver more rigorous testing e.g. AI & simulation. When can we remove the training wheels?
  • The AV experience & functionality will be reliant on connectivity. Assess the infrastructure e.g. 5G/DSRC & applications like V2X needed to deliver.
  • From ADAS systems already on the road to future autonomy, are consumers even on board? Gain insight into what drivers want & prep your education efforts.
  • Understand how software engineering tools can create a robust platform for efficient ADAS-AV tech operation.

ADAS & Autonomous Vehicles USA is North America's premier event tackling the here and now of self-driving technology. As the annual meeting place for the autonomous vehicle space, we unite the key players from across the entire ecosystem; automakers, tier 1s, software providers, hardware and more.  

With over 250 engineers and executives in attendance, we will be tackling some of the biggest topics impacting the industry, including; AI, testing & validation, software architecture, HD mapping, sensor suites, V2X, and AMoD. For those looking for cutting edge knowledge sharing, world class networking and opportunities for new business, attendance to ADAS & Autonomous Vehicles USA is essential.