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Additive Manufacturing Bundle


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Many companies are starting to recognize the benefits additive manufacturing (AM) offers in terms of speed, simplicity, reliability, and cost. Additive manufacturing is a process in which a three-dimensional computer model design is built into a physical object by joining thin layers of material. AM is a versatile field that encompasses a variety of methods, materials, and applications.

These classes explain the fundamental concepts of additive manufacturing, including the main principles behind AM and the safety precautions to take during the process. These courses also introduce the basic steps in additive manufacturing and discuss the variety of methods and materials that are used to create AM products.

  • Intro to Additive Manufacturing
  • Additive Manufacturing Safety
  • The Basic Additive Manufacturing Process
  • Additive Manufacturing Methods and Materials
  • Design for Additive Manufacturing
  • Additive Manufacturing Materials Science
  • Integrating Additive Manufacturing with Traditional Manufacturing
  • Additive Manufacturing as a Secondary Process