Advanced Manufacturing

Producing Parts Using the EOS M290 Laser Sintering Process and Equipment

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Pittsburgh, PA Carnegie Mellon University Classroom Seminar

An understanding of the EOS laser sintering process sufficient to allow the submission of a buildable part design to CMU is assumed. The participant-specified part design must be submitted in advance for review. Checking of the provided part design for its ability to be built will be done by CMU in preparation for the on-site sessions. The course includes 8 hours of on-site instruction scheduled as 4 hours on each of two consecutive days as well as the production of one participant-specified part using the participant-specified design.

On day one, participants will be instructed on how to setup a build, use Magics software, load the design file into the machine, set the machine parameters, set up the build chamber and start the build. The build will run overnight. One day two, the participant will be instructed on how to extract the part from the machine and perform all post processing. The participant will be given the part to take at the end of the session.