Advanced Manufacturing

Fundamentals of Threaded Fasteners


March 19-20, 2019 Jacksonville, FL SAE International Classroom Seminar

Fastener experts believe that upwards of 95% of all fastener failures are the result of either the wrong fastener for the job or improper installation. Whether this shocking figure is accurate or not, it is irrefutable that threaded fasteners are poorly misunderstood by many in both the fastener and user communities. In October 1990 the USS Iwo Jima suffered a catastrophic steam valve accident minutes after leaving port following repairs to its steam plant. In one of the single most deadly events of Operation Desert Storm, ten of the eleven crewmen present in the engine compartment would lose their lives. It was later discovered that this accident was the result of improperly chosen fasteners.

Students in this course will explore the basics of threaded fasteners, what purpose specific product design features address, the importance of proper material choices, and the function of platings and coatings. This course will introduce participants to basic fastener engineering principles and explain why tension is all-important in the bolted joint, the relationship between torque and tension, how screws can be used to form their own internal threads, and new technologies and practices being deployed by automotive manufacturers to achieve lighter weight products. This course will include a segment on joining technologies that enable automotive designers and manufacturers to succeed in their light weighting activities. Many of these technologies are relatively new and state-of-the art.